2008 Fall Tea and Food Classes

This fall we will be teaching tea and food classes in NYC and also closer to home, and speaking at the annual Smith College Chrysanthemum Show.

September 7th Sunday / 2 – 4 pm


The Six Great Classes of Tea
Institute of Culinary Education ( ICE ), NYC

Our class will highlight the unique attributes of each of the major classes of tea – green, white, yellow, oolong, black and puerh. Emphasis will be on explaining the relationship between the classes of tea and the impact on flavor from terroir, tea bush varietals, cultivation and harvest techniques used in a tea garden, and leaf manufacture. This class will be jam-packed with information and be a terrific opportunity to taste some spectacular teas. Please pass the word, and hopefully we will see you there !

September 22 – October 20th Mondays / 6:30-8:30pm

Exploring the World of Specialty Food
Greenfield Community College

Each Monday we will teach a ‘palate challenging ‘ class at Greenfield Community College. Students will learn to distinguish flavor ‘like a pro’ by tasting and evaluating distinctive, artisan examples of familiar pantry items such as chiles, chocolate, chutney, coffee, olive oil, tea, and vinegar.

This is a great opportunity for all those who have decided to eat out less and get back into the kitchen and cook. No matter if you are an avid cook or just beginning, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with artisan ingredients and condiments and see how easy it is to add delicious flavor to your dishes.

October 31st Friday / 7pm

Opening Presentation for the Fall Chrysanthemum Show
at Smith College, Seelye Hall, Room 106

Camellia Sinensis and Chrysanthemum ( Cha and Bai Hua ):
A Delight for the Eyes and Palate

This will be a fun and educational evening. We will deliver the opening presentation for Smith College’s annual Fall Chrysanthemum Show. Join us for a slideshow of our photographs taken on location in tea regions of China, Japan and Taiwan while we discuss the origins of leaf tea, the intricacies of tea manufacture and the cultures of tea drinking around the world.

After the presentation, you will be welcomed to preview the splendor of the chrysanthemum show while sipping some delicious tea.


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