The sheer quantity of  tea information disseminated over the web is astonishing. Some of it is good, well-researched, knowledgable and educational.

But  much of it is, well, prattle, and about as good or valuable as a limp teabag.  Which leaves those who are thirsting for real knowledge shut out of meaningful discourse.

So…. we want to bring everyones attention to an important online publication  that originates in Taiwan – www.the-leaf.org.  The leaf is dedicated to the history, cultivation and production, culture and Cha Dao or the Way of the ‘leaf.’

Each issue ( there are currently 4 ) is filled with interesting information about tea masters, ceramic artists, comparative puerh and oolong tea tastings, translations of ancient texts and poems, thoughts on the five natural elements including water purity, etc.

Aaron Fisher, a American student of tea is behind the publication. He is as serious as they come about fine tea and as passionate about it as well.         www.the-leaf.org is a rare opportunity for non-Chinese speakers and readers to have access to this level of tea information in English – most of the intellectual material on tea is published in Taiwan, Singapore and China in Cantonese or Mandarin.

Those interested in Asian tea be rewarded for reading this website. The information is not printable ( its environmental ! ) , so sit down at your magic viewing box with a great cup of tea and read, read, read.  Be sure to return often to read and learn – there is much wisdom in those pages.

Issue # 4 features an article about Japanese powdered tea – Matcha – written by yours truly. Both Bob and I have contributed to past issues of www.the-leaf.org and we will continue to do so in the future.



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