Wu Yi Shan yan cha

We are thrilled to be able to offer tea enthusiasts a distinguished grouping of 2009 Wu Yi Shan oolongs. It is not often that such a fine selection of these teas can be purchased from one well-sourced place in the West.

Those in the know will recognize these teas: they are the four most famous Wu Yi Shan teas ( which are known as Si Da Ming Cong ) and one lesser known but delicious selection as well. As is the custom in the Wu Yi Shan, the teas are named after their singular tea bush varietals:

  • Da Hong Pao ( Royal Red Robe )
  • Bai Ji Guan ( White Cockscomb )
  • Tie Luo Han ( Iron Arhat )
  • Shui Jin Gui ( Golden Water Turtle )
  • Jun Zi Lan ( Lady Lily )

For lovers of Chinese oolongs, Wu Yi Shan oolongs hold a special place. Also known as cliff teas, rock oolongs ormore specifically, yan cha,  these teas (as a family of oolongs within the oolong class ) are easily recognized by their appearance. Unlike semiball-rolled-style oolongs, the leaves of yan cha are not connected – they are plucked and processed individually, which yields long, thick, strip-style single leaves.

Yan cha are dark in appearance, and are at the extreme end of partial-oxidation: 70-80%. They are traditionally  given a light, medium or heavy  roasting over charcoal ember fires. Yan cha represent the best in traditional, old-style Chinese oolongs, and were the favorite of emperors and Chinese scholars.

The flavors of these teas, while filled with nuance and character, are strong, powerful and mouth-drenching, and not for the faint of heart. Prefer bourbon over gin ? Steak over chicken ? Espresso over latte ? Then Wu Yi Shan oolongs may be the tea you have been searching for.

These teas are perfect for drinking now, and have a good amount of cha-qi. Set some aside for aging and maturing and you will be richly rewarded later.

Click here for more information about these teas: http://www.teatrekker.com/wuyi_yan_oolong.htm


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