Pu-erh tea in Bon Appetit magazine


In the May issue of Bon Appetit magazine, Associate Editor Elisa Huang has put the spotlight on Pu-erh tea in her Starters / health wise column. This is great news and something important, as Bon Appetit enjoys the largest circulation and readership of any of the top food magazines.  This is the first time, as far as I know, that a national food magazine has devoted space to Pu-erh.

There is so much about Pu-erh that seems mysterious, and we encounter many tea enthusiasts in our shop who are unsure or skeptical about it. As expected, those who try it usually love it and become quite impassioned about it. Perhaps this attention from Bon Appetit will help unravel some of the misgivings and encourage readers to give this historic and delicious beverage a try.

We are also thrilled that our new book: The Tea Enthusiast: A Guide to Enjoying the World’s Best Teas was mentioned as well as our teatrekker.com website. We devote an entire chapter in our book to Pu-erh ( both the sheng and shou varieties and what the differences are ) and all of the reasons why it is so special, important and delicious.

Please click here to read about our book

And here to see our selection of sheng and shou Pu-erh:

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