Chinese ’12 Flowers of the Months’ Teacups- June/Lotus

Sorry for the delay in posting this image and poem for the June cup – we have just returned from a long tea and ceramics sourcing trip to Asia. While we are thrilled at what we experienced and accomplished this time in Asia, we are nonetheless buried under the chores of unpacking as well as attending to  miscellaneous store and house tasks that await us. More about the trip soon.

The June cup represents lotus flowers, and lotus flowers we did have the opportunity to admire on several serene ponds in temple gardens in Kyoto, Japan. Lotus flowers are revered for their soft, delicate colors; their ethereal, graceful, self-confident loveliness;  and are an important flower in Buddhist worship and symbolism. Lotus can be found in soft shades of pink, light red, purple, and white in late spring and early summer.

lily_pad_lotus_flower.jpg image by AuntCyn4Nikki

The poem on the back of the cup has been translated as such:

the sun’s rays on the water by the lotus flowers add more shades of red

For detailed information on the history of Chinese 12 Flowers of the Months tea cups, please read my post from January 1st, 2010.

FYI ceramics fans and readers: we did have the opportunity to once again visit the Flagstaff Museum of Teawares in Hong Kong and appreciated the new display they have created for their 12 Flowers of the Months teacup set. More later on that, too.


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