4 thoughts on “Join Tea Trekker on Facebook

  1. As much as I love Tea Trekker, I will not follow you on Facebook. I’d be happy to do so on Twitter and will certainly log onto the website on a regular basis to read the blog.

    My reasoning for what is a very inflexible position is Facebook’s less-that-transparent policy on privacy and sharing of personal information.

    I realize that, as a business, Tea Trekker has to use the communication tools its customers prefer. I’m simply not a Facebook fan, on privacy grounds.

    I hope you add Twitter … and I’ll be the first to join you!

    • Hi Jason….I appreciate your concerns about Facebook as they are shared by many. We do have a Tea Trekker presence on Twitter it is just not very active. In fact, we are very deliquent with it as you will see if you go to the page. Perhaps your query is the prod we need to revive it. Last year our big project was creating the new and inproved Tea Trekker website; perhaps this year will be the year of TT Twitter !

  2. Hello!
    Recent enthusiast. You new book is great. Reading it, going on the internet, and tea tasting. I can’t wait until your spring tea comes out. Have find myself becoming fond
    of some blacks, genes and the very Nice pu-erh’s. I’m having such fun with it!


    • Hi Celeste…..thank you for reading our book and enjoying learning about tea. I am in the process of preparing new information for the tea blog and the website and of course, we are already in touch with several of our tea contacts in Asia about the 2011 harvest. Much to prepare before the shipment begin to arrive in April. Happy tea drinking !

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