Pu-erh Tea Auction in Beijing, China

For those of you with Christmas shopping still to finish, the auction company China Guardian will soon be holding their 24th Quarterly Auction on December 18 – 20th in Beijing, China. The auction features splendid examples of fine Chinese art, including Painting and Calligraphy, Porcelain,  Jade, and Furniture as well as separate collections of Moutai Liquor and Pu-erh tea.

Each lot of Pu-erh tea is photographed on the the China Guardian website. It is very interesting to spend a little time perusing these images and reviewing the pre-auction estimates for each lot of tea.  I wonder who will purchase these beeng chas and tongs of tea and what will become of them?  How many will be drunk among a select group of knowledgeable connoisseurs and how many will continue to reside untouched in a well-maintained collection?

To roughtly calculate the auction estimates in USA dollars, divide the amount listed in RMB by 8.

Please follow this link to view the Pu-erh auction listings:  http://tinyurl.com/2dehxev


2 thoughts on “Pu-erh Tea Auction in Beijing, China

  1. For now, I’m happy to buy my puerh cakes through Tea Trekker! I looked at the website and had no way to evaluate the quality of the offerings other than by their one line description. Being a neophyte and a non-Chinese speaker/reader makes it difficult to learn more about what has become a fascinating area of tea for me.

    Can you recommend any websites in English that might allow us to learn more?

    • Jason…..I recommend the folks at Seven Cups tea, Austin & Zhuping. Very knowledgable and good people. Great tea, too. Also, Ned and Catherine at Silk Road Teas. Happy Pu-ering !

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