It’s Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

To celebrate Mother Nature’s spectacular once-a-year cherry blossom ( sakura ) season we welcome the return of our Japanese Sencha Sakura tea. This sweetly perfumed tea is a delicious and satisfying blend of high-quality Japanese Sencha from Shizuoka Prefecture combined with tiny pink dried sakura blossoms.

In step with the fleeting nature of cherry blossoms, our Sencha Sakura tea cheers the transition from one year’s season to the next. Blended only once each year from carefully reserved tea leaves and dried sakura blossoms collected during the previous year’s harvest, the subtle fragrance of these tiny pink cherry blossoms yields a fragrant and alluring cup that is a perfect harbinger of the new season: fresh, vibrant and charmingly sweet.

Springtime in your teacup, sakura-style! Click here to view our Sencha Sakura.

Cherry blossoms ( sakura ) are beloved in Japan, and hanami ( flower viewing ) pays homage to the Japanese tradition of appreciating the delicate beauty of flowers. During sakura season families and friends – and people of all ages – venture outdoors to celebrate the return of spring and more specifically, behold the magnificent but fleeting show of cherry blossoms that occurs across many regions in Japan. Hanami has held an annual place of importance for Japanese people since the 8th century in Japan.

Over the course of one month -from late March to May- cherry trees blossom into magnificent displays of pastel color ranging from dark pink to pale, delicate pink, to white-white, and ivory-toned white. Parks and walkways along river banks are especially lovely this time of year. Groups of cherry blossom ‘peepers’ travel in groups from one site to another, knotching as many viewings under their belts as possible.

We sincerely pray that this seasonal time of beauty and natural wonder will help to raise the national spirit in Japan and begin the healing from the devastating events brought on by the recent earthquake and tsunami. The situation in Japan is almost too much to contemplate, but we like to think that just as the delicate sakura blossoms return each spring, so too will the Japanese people will re-emerge from this challenge, strong, determined and with spirit intact.

Sakura season begins in March in southern Japan. The best viewing regions and locations are charted and reported by the media as the spring season progresses into northern Japan.

Below is a chart of approximate bloom time which is from the website Regions in southern and central Japan that have begun to report sightings of cherry blossoms are listed with a pink blossom and marked with the seasonal starting date.

Location Opening Estimated Best Viewing
Tokyo Opened March 28 April 4 to 14
Kyoto Opened March 28 April 5 to 15
Kagoshima Opened March 23 April 1 to 9
Kumamoto Opened March 21 March 30 to April 7
Fukuoka Opened March 22 March 31 to April 8
Hiroshima March 26 April 4 to 12
Nara March 31 April 5 to 13
Osaka March 27 April 5 to 13
Nagoya Opened March 27 April 4 to 12
Yokohama March 27 April 5 to 13
Kanazawa April 8 April 12 to 20
Matsumoto April 11 April 15 to 22
Sendai April 14 April 18 to 25
Kakunodate April 26 May 1 to 8
Hirosaki April 24 April 28 to May 5
Hakodate April 30 May 4 to 11
Sapporo May 5 May 8 to 15

2 thoughts on “It’s Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

    • Dear Notes…this tea is slightly sweet and very floral…quite pleasant for easy, casual tea drinking. Perfect for welcoming the spring season!

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