Sun Moon Lake Black Tea from 100-year old wild tea trees

Sun Moon Lake black tea from 100 year old tea trees

In the region surrounding Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, black tea was developed for export by the Japanese during their occupation of Taiwan in the years preceding and during WWII.  In 1925 the Japanese tea research center imported tea seeds from Assam, India, with the intent of cultivating tea bushes for the production of  black tea for export in Yuchih Township.

The Japanese succeeded in establishing these tea bushes, and later, after the departure of the Japanese from Taiwan, the Taiwan Tea Research Institute continued the research into suitable tea bush cultivars for the continued production of black tea.

The resulting cultivar was a cross between  indigenous Taiwan tea cultivars and the tea bushes established by the Japanese in 1925.  These tea bushes were named Ruby Red or No. 18,  and came to be the tea bushes cultivated for production of Sun Moon Lake’s black tea.

Black tea production in Taiwan went into decline for a period, but a resurgence in interest in this unique tea has come about in recent years. Today, most Sun Moon Lake Black tea is plucked from large-leaf tea bushes that are descendants of the original plants, and the leaf is carefully plucked by hand.

Our Sun Moon Lake 100-year old wild tea is, however, even more special. It was made in February 2011 by our friend Lisa’s great-uncle, a gentleman and former tea man in the Sun Moon Lake region. It is made with leaf from 100-yr-old wild tea trees ( not the cloned tea bushes ) and it is hand-processed only once a year. He doesn’t sell his tea on the open market but distributes it to friends and family. We are thrilled to be included in this select group of those who are privileged to drink this fine tea.

Our tea has large, twisted leaves and its delicate, woodsy flavor suggests sweet osmanthus, cinnamon, and candied orange ( marmalade ) with a tiny hint of old-fashioned garden mint in the background.

This tea is delicious and has a good amount of dynamic qi, which stems from the organic cultivation, healthy growing conditions and careful cultivation of these deeply rooted 100-year old tea trees.

The quantity of tea that we have to sell is small, so if you are interested in experiencing this truly delicious tea, you must act quickly.

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