Our 2011 First Flush Darjeelings have Arrived !

At long last, the embargo of 1st flush Darjeeling tea is over and our shipment has arrived.  In addition to that good news, the other good news is that the late winter, early spring weather cooperated this year in the Darjeeling region and the teas are the best that they have been in several years. The flavors are richer, the liquor is fuller in body, and overall the teas have less astringency and ‘green’ taste.

Hooray for a good year ! Our selections this season are:

  • 1st Flush Goomtee Estate ( FTGFOP1 )
  • 1st Flush Jungpana Estate ( SFTGFOP1)
  • 1st Flush Sourenee Estate ( FTGFOP1)

For details please visit our website:

2 thoughts on “Our 2011 First Flush Darjeelings have Arrived !

  1. When shopping for tea we have to see the term first flush. This is advertising for sancha tea manufacturer. In Japan, it is believed that most delicious tea comes from first flush.

    • Jecky…..Thanks for sharing your comment. Yes, it is interesting that there are similar terms for the 1st flush Darjeeling teas from India and Shincha, the 1st flush teas from Japan. Both delicious and both very special – our 2011 Japanese Shincha just arrived ! Sounds like you are a fan of Shincha….

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