Our Japanese Tea After the Earthquake & Tsunami

We are now placing orders for our 2011 Japanese green teas. Our confidence in doing so is based on information that we have been receiving that the tea fields in Shuizoka and Kagoshima ( both of which lie substantially south of Tokyo and Fukashima ) are free from contamination.

The Shizuoka government has been monitoring the radiation level of the atmosphere, tap water and fallout on an hourly basis from the beginning of the events that occurred in Japan in March. Since then, there have not been any abnormal measurements. For reverence, please visit (http://www.pref.shizuoka.jp).

United States FDA and Canadian customs have restricted fresh products from some prefectures in Japan. Shizuoka is not included in these restrictions since unusual levels of radiation have not been detected in the air or water in the prefecture. Kagoshima is even further south and has also not detected any abnormal measurments.

Many fresh food producers in Japan have requested a certificate to prove the safety of their products. Consequently, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has developed and will issue a “Certificate of Environmental Radioactivity Level” for such products. We are pleased to say that our new 2011 Japanese teas will bear this certificate.

Japanese and United States Governments have numerous safeguards and inspections in place to assure the safety of products from Japan. If you are concerned about the safety of certain Japanese food products, please visit the USFDA website to read some FAQs on Food Safety at http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm247403.htm.

FYI….until the 2011 new Japanese tea begins arriving from mid-May to early June, the Japanese tea that we are selling now is from the 2010 harvest. Which means that it was grown, harvested, and manufactured pre-earthquake and pre-tsunami.

Also, we have set up a Tea Trekker donation link to Mercy Corps ( www.mercycorps.com ) on our our website for those who would like to donate to the relief efforts that this worthy relief organization has underway in Japan.

Please visit our website to read more about our Japanese tea or to donate to Mercy Corps.


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