2012 1st Flush Darjeeling teas have Arrived!

This post will be brief – just enough information to say that many new 2012 spring teas have arrived this week.

As many of you know, we will be re-locating our shop here in Northampton at the end of the month, so we are madly juggling many balls in the air now (the painter, the sign maker, the cabinet maker, the electrician, the movers, etc) while we keep the shop running in our present location for the next few weeks.

Because the start of the tea season in eastern China and Darjeeling, India was delayed due to weather issues this year, all of our tea that should have arrived a few weeks ago is arriving now and screaming for attention.

The following is a listing of new teas are on the website – some without copy or pictures. These bits of information will come soon.

Here Now!

  • China Black tea: Bai Lin Gong Fu; Jingdong Wuliang Golden Threads
  • China Green tea:  Dragon Whiskers, Tianmu Spring Beauty
  • China White Tea: Bai Mudan, Fuding Wild-Curly Leaf
  • Darjeeling 2012 1st Flush tea: Castleton Garden; Goomtee Estate; Maikaibari Estate; Margaret’s Hope Estate

Tea that is enroute to us from 2012:

  • Fenghuang Dan Cong Black; Fenghuang Dan Cong Milan; Fo Cha; White Hair Monkey; Yin Zhen
  • Mengding Mountain Snowbuds
  • Taiwan Gao Shan & Semiball Rolled Oolongs

And, we will augment our excellent selection of sheng and shou Pu-erh ( cake and loose leaf ) with some DARK TEA: Lio Bao & Hunan Hei Cha – several choices in loose leaf and compressed leaf!

Spring is such a great time for tea!


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