Our 2013 Longjings are Here

Our 2013 Longjings are here!


We have three famous Longjings from authentic harvesting areas –

After some delays in customs, and other minor issues with shipping, our Longjing teas are here. This year we had the opportunity to purchase Longjing from 3 of the 4 authentic tea harvesting areas: Shi Feng, Meijiawu Village and Weng-jia Shan.

Being able to taste these three choice Longjings in a comparative tasting is a rare opportunity for those interested in tasting the effects of terroir. Or in this case, the subtle difference / similarity of same-name products made from different farms using the same tea making techniques within the same region.

Because of the effects of terroir on the final characteristics of tea grown within the region, all of these teas are similar but different to one another. All have the expected Longjing  appearance and leaf style – some are greener, some have more slightly elongated leaf and bud plucks, some have a bit more early spring ‘down’ on the leaf, etc. but all are easily identified as what they are. The flavors, while each unique, have a core taste in common that marks them as Longjing.

These differences between these 3 teas is small, not big; subtle, not overblown. It is a matter of degrees in the sweetness and toastiness, and the amount of mouth feel, intensity of the flavor and the length and strength of the finish. These Longjings present the tea drinker with lovely variations of a elegant theme.

Like a Bordeaux wine tasting, one can conduct a tea tasting of our 2013 Longjings and happily ruminate on the results with a group of like-minded tea enthusiasts.


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