NEW! Matcha Premium – Shincha

WOW…our Shincha Premium Matcha is something new in the Japanese world of matcha. Tea Trekker is thrilled to introduce this new-style matcha to our customers. It is made for us by the same matcha producer who makes our Matcha Premium -Traditional, and we are pleased with this new innovation.

Matcha Premium - Shincha green tea

Why is Shincha matcha different? In the world of Japanese matcha, lots. Here’s the short story.

Traditionally, new matcha tea introduced each spring is actually a blended tea – some tea from the previous year is mixed in with the new in order to keep a consistent flavor and to keep the matcha from suffering the ‘shock’ of a new taste each year. Why does this matter? Because, to matcha connoisseurs, consistency of the flavor of the brand from batch-to-batch, year-to-year is highly desirable, more so than the seasonal delights of new tea taste that is so welcome in new harvest leaf tea such as Sencha and Gyokuro. So as each new year progresses, matcha producers change the percentages of previous years tea to new tea in the blend, until, by fall, the matcha will consist entirely of current years tea. By doing this, the ‘new taste’ of matcha each year will have been slowly introduced in a seamless manner.

Our Shincha Premium Matcha is made from tender baby tea leaves – the 1st tea leaves plucked in the 2013 harvest. It is pure leaf from spring 2013 – unblended and as exhuberant in style as new leaf tea. It is fresh tasting and refreshing – it has a delicate, crisp vegetal flavor and is a joyous expression of the excitment of the new spring season. Many of you have tried Shincha leaf tea, so the profound fresh sweetness of that is what you will find in our Shincha Premium Matcha.

This matcha is for thin tea – usucha – for the Japanese tea ceremony or for daily matcha drinking. So, the body of the tea is light but the mouth-feel has a sensation of creaminess or umami  that is a delicious, pleasant surprise. This creaminess reflects the abundance of amino acids that are present in this matcha.

This tea was made from the 1st harvest of tea leaves in spring 2013 – shincha. The leaf was plucked from tea bushes grown under a traditional tana covering (woven straw mats placed over a support structure) placed several feet above the tops of the tea bushes. This protects the tender tea leaves from the sun and allows them to build up additional chlorophyll and amino acids for character.

The matcha is vacuum packed for maximum freshness, and has a sturdy screw-top lid. Keep the can in the refrigerator after opening with the lid tightly closed.

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