A Little Good Cheer for Christmas

We wish a jolly Merry Christmas to our Tea Trekker friends and customers. We have something fun for you here in this post – please share it with family and friends when you all need a good laugh.

Please watch as Monkey, a knitted sock puppet ( and the brand-mascot of PG Tips tea ) dressed in regal attire, gets properly sozzled in a tongue-in-cheek take on the Queen’s Christmas speech. Watch what happens as ‘she’ reflects on the highlights of the ‘year gone by.’  This video features only Monkey – Al, Monkey’s human sidekick, is mentioned at the end only, but appears in the portrait at the beginning of the video.

We watch this video whenever we need a chuckle and always break out in peals of laughter each and every time. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

This now iconic PG Tips ad scooped 2 Gold Awards for Unilever Brands at the British Television Advertising Awards in 2008.

Why Monkey ?

Monkey is the modern-day, politically correct characterization of the former live PG Tips chimps that starred in PG Tips tea advertisements long ago.

In 1956 PG Tips debuted television commercials featuring live chimpanzees dressed in people clothes and wearing wigs and carrying on in various humorous sketches. But the activity was ultimately about delighting in the satisfying taste of PG Tips tea ( or monkey-tea as it was thought of by many ).

Why Chimps ?

The ads, inspired by the chimps’ tea parties held at London Zoo in the 1950s, propelled PG Tips to become the most loved tea in Britain. The first of these commercials aired on the UK’s newly launched commercial TV station on Christmas Day 1956.

In the space of only two years after that first advertisement aired, PG Tips moved from fourth in the ratings to top of the heap in tea popularity in England.

But, eventually, animal welfare campaigners successfully lobbied against the use of the chimps in this manner. The ads stopped in 2002 and have not been aired since. ( If you squander enough time on You Tube you can find several of these old ads ). The ad showing the chimps moving a piano downstairs has been shown on British television more times than any other advertisement – over 2,000 screenings is estimated.

Enter Monkey

Since 2008, a new series of ads with a sock monkey – Monkey ( mon-keh) – and his sidekick Al ( comedian Johnny Vegas ) have replaced the old chimp ads.

About PG Tips Tea

Arthur Brooke founded Brooke Bond Tea Company in 1869, starting with a single tea shop. He was the son of a tea dealer, Charles Brooke, and as a child was allowed to clamber up and ride in the wheelbarrow along with packets of tea that were being delivered to homes in Ashton-under-Lyme, England.

By the 1890′s, Arthur Brooke has several tea shops in various locations. He expanded into the wholesale tea market and gained more notice for his brand by delivered his tea all over England in distinctive black vans. The Brooke Bond brand became synonymous with tea throughout the United Kingdom and his company introduced a second brand in 1930 — PG Tips.

To see what Monkey is up to these days, please visit the PR Tips website: http://www.pgtips.co.uk/

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