SALE…. Longjing Shi Feng

 We still have some of the current season’s (2013) excellent Longjing Shi Feng PQM Grade AA on hand.

We like this tea for many reasons, one of which is that, unlike some other Longjing it does not ‘tire’ during the year. So we purchase more of it in the spring to last beyond the time when the other village teas are all drunk and gone for the season. Shi Feng is the go-to tea for Longjing lovers at this time of year.

Since we are starting to think about spring 2014 and the new teas that will be arriving then, we would rather have you be drinking and enjoying the ShiFeng Grade AA that we have now at a reduced price.

So, get ready for this: the Longjing Shi Feng PQM Grade AA will be on sale – while supplies last – for the ridiculous price of $24.00 per 1/4 lb (reg price is $40.00 per 1/4 lb).

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase both it and the Shi Feng Yu Qian 1st Grade and taste test the difference between these two seasonal plucks of one of the classic Famous Teas of China.

Longjing Shi Feng

Grade AA
2013 Pre-Qing Ming

On Sale Now!
was: $40 per 4oz

now: $24.00 per 4 oz


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