1st of the 2014 Chinese Spring Teas have Arrived !

What a nice surprise we had yesterday – the 1st of our 2014 Chinese Pre-Qing Ming Spring Teas arrived. On the 1st day of Spring…. so we take that as an auspicious sign of a good tea season to follow.

Yunnan Sweet Green Threads green tea

Yunnan Sweet Green Threads

This is what arrived:

All are sweet, fresh, vegetal, fragrant and delicious, just as fresh tea should be. Very satisfying with lots of straightforward, seasonal goodness in the cup.

Drink the Jingdong Wuliang now or put some aside in a storage container for a few years down the road.

Additional new 2014 PQM teas from Sichuan Province will be arriving in the next two-three weeks. Followed in April thru early May with tea from Anhui Province and other eastern tea producing regions.

Stay tuned for new arrival updates and drink heartily.

Yunnan Jingdong Wuliang Golden Threads black tea

Yunnan Jingdong Wuliang                       Golden Threads

NOTE: Pre-Qing Ming (MIng Qian) teas are the earliest teas plucked in China. Some tea producing regions in Western and Eastern China experience end-of-winter / early spring weather sooner than other regions. So bud-break comes earlier and tea production begins first in these regions. The earliest plucked teas hold a special significance among Chinese tea drinkers for their small leaf-size, tenderness and gentle sweetness in the cup. In order to be designated a Pre-Qing Ming ( MIng Qian ) the pluck and manufacture must be accomplished between middle-March until April 5th.


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