Tea for a Royal Couple

I admit it…. I have always been smitten with England ….. the pomp and glory, the jewel encrusted crowns, gilded coaches and shining suits of armor, the manor houses, tidy gardens, fashionable hats, gloves, the riding boots, the bone china, the cathedrals, the history, the cakes and biscuits, the Bronte sisters, Gordon Ramsey, and of course, the Monarchy. So, it is fitting then that we should get giddy and present a lovely tea to commemorate the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.

Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton attend a photocall on the day they announce their engagement at St. James's Palace

Alas, Twinings of London has been appointed to create the official wedding tea, which will be served to guests at the Royal Wedding Reception. It is a blend of white tea with rose and a touch of bergamot, to give it a light Earl Grey aroma. (I wonder if there was a wedding tea created for the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. The notable French champagne house Veuve Clicquot bottled a special cuvee for Charles and Di’s royal wedding. Bob and I purchased a bottle back then and drank it as we watched the wedding hoopla on television and cheered on the newlyweds. For no good reason we still have the emblem-encrusted empty bottle).

But, had we been invited to enter a tea into the ‘royal-wedding-tea-selection-tryouts, I would have entered our new Chinese Elderflower White tea. This is a Bai Mudan white tea with extra buds for good measure and the addition of natural, pale yellow elderflower petals.

This tea is a joyful, lyrical blend of two complementary flavors that meld into one rich, sophisticated, honeyed taste. The lightly sweet, perfumed aroma is lovely without being too persistent.  It is, we think the perfect tea to toast everlasting love.