The First of Our 2011 Spring Teas from China have Arrived !

YES !  Tea arrived to our store late yesterday, April 5th, which was coincidently the day of the Qing Ming Festival holiday in China. We felt that it was a happy coincidence that the first shipment of our Pre-Qing Ming teas ( tea plucked before April 5th ) should arrive on such a celebratory day.

We spent all day today opening boxes, tasting tea, taking photographs for the website, and generally preparing the tea for sale.  Now it is time for everyone to celebrate the arrival of the new tea.

Keep tuned for more new 2011 arrivals in the next few weeks, and some very special Taiwan oolongs from the fall and winter 2010 season.

This is a listing of our new season teas:


 China Green Tea:

2011 Pre-Qing Ming  Sweet Dew Gan Lu – Sichuan Province

2011 Pre-Qing Ming Taimu Shan Xue Ya ( Snow Sprout )  – Fujian Province

2011 Pre-Qing Ming Taimu Shan Spring Beauty (Mao Jian ) – Fujian Province

2011 Pre-Qing Ming Yunnan Spring Buds – Yunnan Province

2011  Pre-Qing Ming  Zhenyuan-Yi Spring Green – Yunnan Province

China White Tea:

2011  Pre-Qing Ming Sun Dried Buds – Yunnan Province

2011  Pre-Qing Ming Fuding Wild Curly-leaf – Fujian Province

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