More 2011 Tea to Arrive @April 20th

Next week we will received our 2nd round of 2011 early spring teas from China and some lovely winter pluck oolongs from Taiwan.  These teas are in the air as I write this, and we expect delivery to be about April 2oth ( plus perhaps a day or two for unexpected snags at customs, weather delays, etc).

Many of you are asking about certain teas, so this is the latest listing of what is coming on this shipment. When the tea is actually here we will post again to this blog and add the teas to the 2011 seasonal tea listing on the homepage of And, FYI, more new teas will bee arriving after this shipment as well.


Green Tea
2011 Pre-Qing Ming Longjing Dafo
2011 Pre-Qing Ming Longjing Meijawu Village

White Tea
2011 Before the Rain Bai Hao Yin Zhen
2011 Before the Rain Bai Mudan

Black Tea
2011 Pre-Qing Ming Bai Lin


2010 winter pluck Sun Moon Lake Wild Black tea
2010 winter pluck Li Shan – farmer grown
2010 winter pluck Li Shan – lightly roasted, farmer grown
2010 winter pluck Li Shan – commercial gardens