Our first 2012 China teas have arrived!

Yesterday the delivery man lugged 5 large boxes of tea into the store. When he asked us what was in them, and we said TEA he looked unimpressed. I didn’t have the heart to tell him how many more of these boxes he will be bringing us in the next few weeks.

So, now, finally, the long winter wait is over! The China spring tea harvest is beginning in earnest.

In Western China teas from Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces are coming to market quickly and in great abundance. Eastern China tea regions are beginning to buzz with energy as the demands of the harvest increase each day.

Our first teas to arrive again this year are from Yunnan. Our ever-popular, fresh, sweet-tasting,and slender Yunnan Spring Buds are back (did I mention reasonably priced ? ) and this year we will have a sweet, flavorsome modern-style Yunnan Bai Mudan white tea once again. This is one of the prettiest we have ever had, and something delicious for the fans of last year’s Yue Guang Bai. We have missed this tea so it is good to have it back again.


Our 2011 White Teas have Arrived !

The last of our 2011 spring plucked Chinese white teas have arrived. Now we have a trinity of three authentic white tea beauties from Fujian Province, the original place of origin in China, and one unusual but very welcome specialty from Yunnan Province.

Fujian Province

  • Bai Mudan  – leaf with extra buds
  • Fuding Wild Curly Leaf – leaf
  • Yin Zhen – buds

Yunnan Province

  • Sun Dried Tea Tree Buds – large and small buds plucked from old tea trees. These are so cool – very fragrant and refreshing, too, drunk hot or iced.