More 2014 Chinese Green Teas Have Arrived

Our store has suddenly become a whirlwind of boxes and air cargo deliveries of tea.
Tea, glorious tea – fresh and fragrant and newly born from emerging tea leaves in awakening tea gardens.

Zhu Ye Qing


Several of the 2014 Chinese green teas that many of our customers have been waiting for are now here. These are Pre-Qing Ming teas meaning that they were processed before April 5th. This is what we have:

We announced the arrival of these teas on Sunday to our loyal tea enthusiast customers on our mailing list and several of these teas now have a big dent in the remaining quantities. So do not dally if you are interested in purchasing some of these very fresh and newly made teas.

Remember, that these teas are ONLY MADE ONCE A YEAR  (now) and WHEN THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE.

More 2014 spring China green teas are still to arrive as the spring unfolds and the teas come into production. But the teas mentioned above are made in the smallest quantity given the time-frame of their harvest dates (mid-March until April 5th).




1st of the 2014 Chinese Spring Teas have Arrived !

What a nice surprise we had yesterday – the 1st of our 2014 Chinese Pre-Qing Ming Spring Teas arrived. On the 1st day of Spring…. so we take that as an auspicious sign of a good tea season to follow.

Yunnan Sweet Green Threads green tea

Yunnan Sweet Green Threads

This is what arrived:

All are sweet, fresh, vegetal, fragrant and delicious, just as fresh tea should be. Very satisfying with lots of straightforward, seasonal goodness in the cup.

Drink the Jingdong Wuliang now or put some aside in a storage container for a few years down the road.

Additional new 2014 PQM teas from Sichuan Province will be arriving in the next two-three weeks. Followed in April thru early May with tea from Anhui Province and other eastern tea producing regions.

Stay tuned for new arrival updates and drink heartily.

Yunnan Jingdong Wuliang Golden Threads black tea

Yunnan Jingdong Wuliang                       Golden Threads

NOTE: Pre-Qing Ming (MIng Qian) teas are the earliest teas plucked in China. Some tea producing regions in Western and Eastern China experience end-of-winter / early spring weather sooner than other regions. So bud-break comes earlier and tea production begins first in these regions. The earliest plucked teas hold a special significance among Chinese tea drinkers for their small leaf-size, tenderness and gentle sweetness in the cup. In order to be designated a Pre-Qing Ming ( MIng Qian ) the pluck and manufacture must be accomplished between middle-March until April 5th.

Two More 2013 Longjings

2013 Spring Harvest Tea

IMG_9393teatipThe response to the arrival of our 2013 Chinese spring green teas has been phenomenal! We are thrilled that so many of you have been watching for the moment when these wonderful fresh teas arrived here at Tea Trekker.

We have another arrival to be excited about. On Friday morning the last two of our spring 2013 Longjings were delivered to us. This completes the selection of early-harvest Longjings that we will have on offer this year.

What did we receive? The 2013 Longjing Dafo Village Pre-Qing Ming and the 2013 Meijiawu Village Pre-Qing Ming. Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the 2013 selections so far will wonder why we have had the Meijiawu Village Yu Qian in stock before the PQM, even though it is the later of the first two spring harvests. This is due to the fact that the Pre-Qing Ming shipment was delayed at customs and the Yu Qian was not. Now that we have both deliveries in-stock you can taste both Meijiawu Village PQM and YQ side-by-side and observe the difference that a few days makes in the taste of the tea.

This year we worked hard to obtain as many 2013 Longjing offerings as we could from the authentic harvesting areas. The result? We have Longjing from 3 of the 4 harvesting areas in Xi Hu (West Lake) and also the Longjing Dafo Village, which comes from just outside the Xi Hu region where it has been made for centuries (and rivals the best of the Xi Hu harvests).

We are proud to offer these magnificent teas, and believe that we are the first ever tea company in the US to offer such a comparative selection of stellar quality Longjings so soon after the early spring harvest. This is possible only because of the dedication to excellence of our tea enthusiast customers – so to that we say:


– follow this link to view our current selection of 2013 teas –

PS: We have many 2013 spring green teas that will still arrive this year, but they will arrive throughout the next few months (on schedule) due to their staggered harvest times.

2013 Chinese Green Teas & 1st Flush Darjeelings

closeup of tea leafFresh Chinese and India Darjeeling tea from the 2013 spring harvest is pouring in through the doors. One of our shipments of Chinese tea was held for 10 days in customs, but was released in tact and delivered to us the following day. So other than excessive worry over the fact that we did not have possession of the tea, it all worked out just fine.

Each year, when it is time to order new tea from the samples we have been sent, we place different orders on different days according to what teas have become available. No matter how we do this, the tea gods always plot to have the tea arrive all at once, creating a happy chaos of boxes and bags.

What do we do when there is tea everywhere? First, we open the boxes and bags and visually examine the tea. Steep a pot and taste each tea to make sure the right tea was sent. Take photos of each tea for the website, price the tea, put the photos on our website, label a container for the store shelf, re-seal the bags and put the tea away in a logical place in the warehouse. Everything must be done ASAP for both for the web and store.

Please visit our website: for information on all the new tea and for the latest updates.

So what new tea has arrived so far?

2013 China:

2013 Darjeeling, India:

2012 Longjing Dafo & Longjing Shi Feng have Arrived!

Two additional 2012 new harvest Longjings have arrived – just in time as our stock of Longjing Meijiawu has already sold out for the season.

We have:

  • Longjing Dafo (Pre-Qing Ming or Ming Qian, 1st plucking season)
  • Longjing Shi Feng AA ( Early Spring or Yu Qian, 2nd plucking season)

Both are authentic, tasty and in high demand.  We have a shorter supply of the Longjing Dafo Village than we wished for,  so to avoid disappointment please do not wait to order.

Visit our website – – for more information or to order.

It’s springggg…..the earth is giving forth fragrance in tea and flowers. Shake off the winter doldrums and celebrate this inspiring sweet season with  fragrant new tea.