Our 2010 Korean Green Teas are Here

We are delighted to announce that our Korean spring green teas – Ujeon, Sejak and Jungjak –  have arrived and are now posted for sale on our website teatrekker.com.

Additional tasting notes and other bits of  information will be posted in a few days, but we wanted to post the teas ASAP and alert everyone that the teas are here.  The tea is as delicious and sound as we remember it to be when we tasted it in Korea.

Our selections are organic and grown close to Ssanggye-sa temple in Hwagae Valley ( Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province ) which geographically runs into the south-west slopes of Mt. Jiri.  We have held the prices of our Korean teas to a very reasonable level  ( ie. prices – in – Korea – prices ) so that those interested in experiencing  these premium teas can do so.

Click here to read more and to purchase our Korean tea:


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