Master Classes in Tea…A New Series

Our Late Winter/Early Spring 2011 series of Tea Trekker Master Classes in Tea were a success and we can’t wait to do it again. Thank you to all our eager class attendees for helping us to hone our presentations. Everyone had a good time, ourselves included.

We are announcing two new series, one for summer and one for fall. Our series of six evenings is an exploration of the Six Classes of Tea, and they are adapted from the tea classes and presentations that we have conducted at seminars and conferences around the country.

Classes can be taken individually or in any combination.

Master Class Schedule – Summer 

  • July 7       –   overview of all Six Classes of Tea
  • July 14     –   green tea
  • July 21     –   white, yellow & scented tea
  • July 28     –   oolong tea
  • August 4    –   black tea
  • August 11  –   Pu-erh tea

Master Class Schedule – Fall

  • September 8       –  overview of all Six Classes of Tea
  • September 15     –  green tea
  • October 6           –   white, yellow & scented tea
  • October 13         –   oolong tea
  • October 20         –   black tea
  • November 10      –   Pu-erh tea


Our Master Classes: What You Will Learn

As a group we will taste 4 to 6 distinctive teas in each class and discuss the proper tea steeping methodologies for the tea. Steeping methods will vary with the type of tea being discussed, and in some classes attendees will learn to use a gawian or steep tea in an abbreviated gong-fu style. We will discuss the important aspects of each class of tea necessary to develop a clear understanding of that style of tea.

Using the green tea class as an example, we begin each class with:

  • a photographic PowerPoint presentation from our tea sourcing trips which provides background information about green tea in China, Japan and Korea
  • a close-up look at the most important green tea producing countries, their tea gardens, green tea processing techniques, and other variables that make green tea unique

During the course of each class ( still using green tea as an example) you will learn:

  • the history of green tea, the culture of green tea and traditional tea steeping methods for green tea
  • what differentiates green tea from the other classes of tea
  • why premium green tea and standard, commercial-grade green tea are so different
  • how to visually assess the appearance of green tea leaf
  • to distinguish the subtle ( and not so subtle ) differences in flavor and aroma among unique green teas
  • how to steep green tea for the sweetest flavor
  • what teawares are best for steeping green tea

TeaTrekker Master Classes are held in our store at 65 King Street, Northampton, MA from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Attendance is limited to 10 people per class – advance registration is required. Each class is $25.00 per person and must be paid for when the reservation is made. Attendees must be at least 18 years of age; and no children, please. For those who sign up for all six classes, a 10% discount will be given off the total cost of the classes. Additionally, attendees will receive a coupon for a 10% discount on a future purchase of tea or teawares.

Call us – 413-584-5116- or come into the store to sign up for these classes. ( Sorry, signing up online is not an available option).

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