Good Morning Mr. Volcano

This is a 6 AM photograph of Sakurajima from my room. Brooding clouds hover over the top of the volcano and present an onerous appearance. I can detect a little whiff of charred/burning smell in the air from outside on my balcony. It is windy and very chilly….and a dramatic wake-up scene!

According to someone on my team who grew up on the island where the volcano is located in the bay, this smell is always there and only a cause for worry when it intensifies.

The entire panorama of the bay is ringed with mountains as far on the horizon as I can see and it is very peaceful and serene in that early morning blue silhouette-light.

7 Am…the light is changing and the sky brightening.

Breakfast is calling and so are the tea fields…………

4 thoughts on “Good Morning Mr. Volcano

  1. Dear tea trekker, thanks for these beautiful pics!! have not yet been to the archipelago , but have some friends there: in particular lovely “Tamayura tea brand” from Hoshino village in Yame prefecture and also “Keiko teas” from Shimodozono ; am looking forward to the pictures from the tea fields !!
    best wishes, Barbara Dufrêne, Paris,France

    • Thanks Barbara….some tea field pictures are up in another post today. I also tasted some Yame tea yesterday which knocked me out and we will most certainly go after it. Actually, I tasted a lot of wonderful teas from around the entire island and have to say that I am very impressed. Hope all is well with you!

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